Schizophrenia Resources

Downloadable resources

  • Come Together: The Importance of the Network of Care for Adults Living With Schizophrenia

    Schizophrenia is marked by complex heterogeneity in patient symptoms and disease course trajectory.1,2 This program will present interactions between adults living with schizophrenia and an evolving network of care.
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  • United for Schizophrenia brochure

    Learn more about how people within the network of care for people living with schizophrenia are inspiring others and helping to find successes, no matter how small.
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  • Comorbidity fact sheet

    Physical, mental, and behavioral comorbidities exacerbate the challenge of living with, and managing schizophrenia.3-12 This fact sheet outlines many of the key schizophrenia statistics around comorbidities, including increased risk versus the general population and impact on mortality.
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Organizations and advocacy groups for schizophrenia

Support and information is available from many organizations and advocacy groups for schizophrenia. Share these websites with people living with schizophrenia and caregivers to help them learn more about schizophrenia or find help for a loved one living with schizophrenia.